Boot on a step climbing down from a truck.

Egress Training

Injuries from Improper Vehicle Exit are a Big Problem

Accidents due to improper egress of vehicles are a common occurrence. NHTSA attributes 24% of non-crash accidents to entering and exiting vehicles. In addition to acute injuries like falls and sprains, chronic injuries to muscle and joint tissue are a persistent problem. The proper egress technique requires 3 points of control during the entire descent; holding onto the safety handle and ensuring proper footholds.

INBIODYN Egress Training system - vehicle egress example

Innovative Training Solution

Safety professionals know that proper egress technique is important, but does everyone really put it into practice? The Egress Training System shows the trainee the importance of using the proper 3 points of control technique by measuring and displaying the force on the person's body, in real time, as they exit the vehicle using both proper and improper 3 points of control techniques. The training demonstrates the impact on the trainee's body due to improper vehicle egress, driving home the point that proper vehicle egress can help reduce their risk of both acute and chronic injury.

How it Works

Perform Vehicle Egress

man climbing down from truck and stepping onto a sensor.

The student conducts improper 2 points of control egress, and also proper 3 points of control egress, while the instructor guides them through training. The Egress Training System records the ground impact forces.

Impact Forces Displayed

computer showing analysis from stepping onto a sensor.

The difference in body impact forces between both egress techniques is displayed, showing how much more impact force is placed on the body when using improper egress technique.

Making it Matter

heavy construction dump truck.

To provide a memorable training moment, a physical item representing the extra weight that their body would experience, per day, from improper egress technique is shown to the student. This provides a learning moment; showing the student how much extra weight improper egress technique adds on their body.

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