sequence of a woman in a harness using the slip simulator.

Slip Simulator

What is the Slip Simulator?

Slip Simulator™ training places individuals in a safe, controlled training environment that allows them to experience what it feels like to walk on a surface more slippery than ice. Certified trainers coach them on walking techniques to improve stability and reduce their risk of falling.

The Slip Simulator™ was developed from published university research, and proven to reduce slip, trip and fall accidents by up to 70%. Most importantly, it is fun and engaging, providing a memorable experience which solidifies the learning.

A large, well controlled study showed a 70% reduction in slip, trip, and fall accidents for trained personnel.

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We offer the Slip Simulator™ for sale and lease in a Stationary version for installation inside a facility, and also a Mobile version for training at multiple locations.  

Stationary Slip Simulator

The Showpiece of your Training Program

The Stationary Slip Simulator™ can be installed in training rooms, warehouses, or any open space you have available for training. The dedicated space means more room for larger training classes, more training throughput, and enhanced training engagement and discussion. The Stationary Slip Simulator™ is often the best choice for training centers and site locations with at least 500 people.

We offer continued support and maintenance for your investment to ensure that your training program is successful for years to come. Contact us for more information on purchasing or leasing a Stationary Slip Simulator™.

slip simulator inside with light from windows.
slip simulator inside with soft lighting
slip simulator with harness hanging from structure.
sequence of a woman in a harness using the slip simulator.
slip simulator inside a warehouse.
slip simulator with chairs arranged facing the structure.

Please check out our FAQ section for more info on the Stationary Slip Simulator™

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Mobile Slip Simulator

Do you have several facilities that need training? Then the Mobile Slip Simulator™ might be the best option for you. The Mobile Slip Simulator™ provides the same excellent slip, trip, and fall training experience as the Stationary Slip Simulator™, but in a portable package. The Mobile Slip Simulator™ allows organizations to train employees spread out over a wide geographic area.

The Mobile Slip Simulator™ is more than a Slip Simulator training experience, it is a mobile safety classroom.

Contact us to learn about how you can integrate a Mobile Slip Simulator™ into your safety training program.

mobile slip simulator trailer and stage.
man assisting with a person using the slip simulator.
person stepping over an obstacle in the mobile slip simulator trailer.
slip simulator trailer viewed from the side.
man installing a slip platform in the slip simulator with observers in the background.

Please check out our FAQ section for more info on the Mobile Slip Simulator™

Frequently Asked Questions

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