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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a typical slip, trip and fall accident cost?

Slips, trips and falls account for 65% of all lost workdays. More than 20% of these accidents result in more than 31 days of lost work time. The average cost of a single incident is about $32,000. However this often does not count “near misses” – injuries resulting from employees who catch themselves before they fall.

Does Slip Simulator™ training really work?

Yes. Studies show that employees trained on the Slip Simulator™ show a significant reduction in slips, trips and falls – by as much as 70%! This was explored in the Los Alamos National Lab study.

How safe is the Slip Simulator™?

Extremely safe! Simply follow the safety training guidelines and your employees will have fun and learn how to walk more safely. Slip Simulator™ training is one safety training class your employees will never forget.

Do you sell this equipment, or provide training?

We do both! Our customers with larger workforce facilities often purchase a static Slip Simulator™. Installation, on-site trainer certification and support are included in the purchase. Other customers who have multiple facilities often choose to purchase a mobile unit to train their geographically diverse workforce. And others prefer us to show up and provide on-site training with our Mobile Slip Simulator™. We’re happy to talk with you and figure out the optimal path for your organization.

Slip Simulator

Do you lease Slip Simulator™ units?

We do lease Slip Simulator™ units. We have had customers who are very tight on space, and keeping the Slip Simulator™ unit around all year at one location didn’t make the most sense for them. We offer leasing on a monthly basis (minimum of 3 month lease), and we offer a complete turn-key product; installation and trainer certification are included in the Slip Simulator™ leasing package. This way your trainers can hit the ground running on day 1 and make the most of your investment. Contact us to learn more.

How much space do we need for a Slip Simulator™?

The Slip Simulator™ is 21 feet long, 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall. We also recommend allowing 3 feet on all sides of the Slip Simulator™ for the trainer to maneuver around the equipment during training, and of course some open space for class participants to sit and interact with the training. We’re happy to work with you to customize the Slip Simulator™ to fit in smaller spaces if required.

How long will it take to get a Slip Simulator™?

Once we have your purchase order, we can usually deliver and install your static Slip Simulator™ in seven weeks or less. Mobile units can take several months depending on design, please contact us for more information.

What comes standard with the Slip Simulator™?

Our standard package includes the Slip Simulator™ shipped and installed at your chosen site. Included are all the equipment you need to start training on day one. Our package also includes a train-the-trainer class to ensure your team is up to date with the most current techniques and procedures. Training accessories and service subscriptions are available as options to make training more relevant and your life easier.

Are there training accessories available?

Yes! As our client base expands, we have had numerous requests and special orders that we now provide as options for Slip Simulator™ training. Available accessories simulate obstacles such as curbs, broken sidewalks, inclines, varying surfaces, steps, and pipes.

Can I move the Slip Simulator™ to different sites?

Yes, the Slip Simulator™ is movable. We offer relocation services, or even on-site installation training in case you want your personnel to be able to handle the future moves of your Slip Simulator™. If you need to transport your Slip Simulator™ to many sites, contact us about Mobile Slip Simulator™ options.

Mobile Slip Simulator

Does the Mobile Slip Simulator™ come with a custom wrap image?

Yes, the full trailer wrap is included in the Mobile Slip Simulator™ purchase. We highly recommend branding your Mobile Slip Simulator™ to reflect the values of your organization. After all, your Mobile Slip Simulator™ will be a rolling advertisement for your safety culture. We will work with you on optimizing and visualizing what your wrap will look like on your Mobile Slip Simulator™.

What vehicle is needed to tow a Mobile Slip Simulator™?

We highly recommend using at least a 1-Ton Dually truck to tow your Mobile Slip Simulator™. Custom hitch options are available to meet your transport needs.

What are the three common types of Mobile Slip Simulators™ that you sell?

We typically sell a 38ft Gooseneck equipped trailer with concession doors, a 30ft enhanced Tag-trailer with a fold-down training platform stage, and a 38ft hybrid of the two. Please reach out to us to discuss what Mobile Slip Simulator™ configuration will best meet your training needs.

How quickly could I receive a Mobile Slip Simulator™ after order?

Typical delivery time is 14-17 weeks after initial down-payment of your Mobile Slip Simulator™.

Onsite Training

Do you provide on site training?

We do provide on site training using our Mobile Slip Simulator™ and Egress Training System. We understand that some customers don’t have the sheer employee numbers to warrant buying or leasing a system, but still want to prepare their employees for walking in dangerous conditions. We can travel to your location(s) to maximize your time and minimize impact on logistics. We’ve trained people at small 50 person businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Typically, we can train up to 50 people in a single day on the Slip Simulator™. Pricing for training depends on travel distance from our Salem, VA headquarters and number of training days required (which relates to number of people to be trained). Give us a call or send us a message and we will continue the conversation on how to best meet your training needs.

Do you have a Mobile Slip Simulator™ to bring on my site for a safety day?

We do have a Mobile Slip Simulator™ we use for on site training and safety days. Pricing depends on distance from our headquarters in Salem, VA and amount of time on site. Fill out the contact form with all pertinent info and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or give us a call.

Egress Training

Do you lease Egress Training Systems?

Yes we do! We offer the Egress Training Systems for sale and lease. Since the systems are easily packed up and shipped for regular package delivery, it makes it easy to move them between your training locations. Contact us for more information.

Is the Egress Training System Portable?

Yes! The typical system comes with a force plate that you place near the driver door of the vehicle. The force plate connects with a cable to the data acquisition box, laptop computer, stand, and television with speaker set. The system can be easily moved to different trucks and locations, and packs away in rugged, wheeled storage containers for easy transport. All the mentioned components are included with the system. A second plate option is available if you want to train on an additional egress location, such as the rear of the vehicle.


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