Slip Simulator trailer with clouds in the background.

Onsite Training

Would you like us to take care of the training for you?


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INBIODYN will bring its Slip Simulator™ Mobile Unit to your location for training. A series of classes will be scheduled for each day and our trainer(s) will work to have up to 50 people per day trained on the Slip Simulator™.

INBIODYN will plan a discussion with your leadership prior to the training, to better understand the everyday situations their employees are exposed to. This will allow for a more tailored Slip Simulator™ training experience.

Demonstration area requirements for the Mobile Slip Simulator™ are 20 feet wide x 42 feet long, with an additional 20 feet in length temporarily needed for the truck. If interior space is available, access doors need to be 14 feet high and 10 ft. wide.

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