man installing an obstacle in the slip simulator.

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Can We Learn Not to Slip and Fall?

Slips, trips and falls are at the top of the list for reportable accidents in nearly every industry. Each slip, trip and fall accident claim costs, on average, about $32,000. But more importantly, each accident costs the health and well-being of the person injured. Traditional safety training has not reduced slip, trip, and fall injuries.

So we posed the question:

“Can we learn not to slip and fall? And if so, how?”

Decades of research and understanding led Dr. Lockhart, an INBIODYN founder, to embrace a kinetic learning approach; learn by doing. The end result was Slip Simulator™ Training.

person carrying a box while walking on the slip simulator.
person carrying a large bag while stepping over an obstacle on the slip simulator.
person walking on the slip simulator
person walking on the slip simulator.
man holding a cup while trying to walk on a slip simulator.
spectators watching a woman step over an obstacle whiile using the slip simulator.
fire fighter in full gear using the slip simulator.
man in a reflective safety vest walking on a slip simulator in the mobile slip simulator.

The Solution:

Slip Simulator Training

Early adopters picked up the Slip Simulator™ technology and ran. Los Alamos National Lab installed multiple units and started to train their entire workforce. They conducted a controlled study with their workforce to determine exactly how effective the training was. The results were impressive.

Individuals who took part in the Slip Simulator™ training experienced a 70% reduction in slip, trip and fall accidents. Individuals who just watched others get on the simulator experienced a 30% reduction. Similar results have been experienced by other organizations who adopt the Slip Simulator™ training, regardless of industry.

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A large, well controlled study showed a 70% reduction in slip, trip, and fall accidents for trained personnel.

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