Group of people watching a slip simulator training session outside of a mobile slip simulator.

Onsite Training Details

On-Site Training with the Slip Simulator™ Mobile Unit

When you contract with INBIODYN for on-site training at one or more of your company locations here is the best way to prepare for that training.

slip simulator trailer outside of a building.

How to Prepare for the Slip Simulator™ Mobile Unit

  • Demonstration area for the Mobile SlipSimulator™ must be at lease 20’ wide x 42’ long, with an additional 20’ in length temporarily needed for the truck
  • If sufficient interior space is available, access doors need to be 14’ high and 10’ wide
  • Demonstration area should be on a level and paved surface
  • Provide an on-site contact for communications about the mobile unit arrival, security protocols and facility access
  • Mark the demonstration area with orange cones so the driver will know where to park the mobile unit. Once in place it will not be able to move until the driver returns to pick it up
  • The back gate folds down to a stage providing rear access and seating
  • 48” main entry door is on the side as shown
  • In certain cases the trailer may need to be dropped off or picked up after hours or on weekends

slip simulator trailer with traffic cones around it.

What electrical requirements are needed for the Slip Simulator™ Mobile Unit?

  • Typically events are run with 15amp service, standard outlet
  • If there is a need for air conditioning then a 120volt/30 amp outlet would be required or a generator
  • INBIODYN carries 100’ of extension cord and many different plug adapters in the mobile unit

What is the training schedule?

  • Our trainers will contact you to discuss a schedule that will meet the needs of your workforce
  • Each day will feature a series of 6 classes and our trainer(s) will work to have 50 people per day trained on the Slip Simulator™
  • INBIODYN can also provide you promotional material and videos to help introduce your employees to the Slip Simulator™ and create interest prior to our visit