Reduce Injuries From Improper Vehicle Egress

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Vehicle egress injuries are a big deal

Accidents due to improper egress of vehicles are a common occurrence. NHTSA attributes 24% of non-crash accidents to entering and exiting vehicles. In addition to acute injuries like falls and sprains, chronic injuries to muscle and joint tissue are also a persistent problem.

Proper egress technique requires 3 points of contact; holding onto the safety handle. Proper egress technique is crucial to ensure safety. While they can show technique, training presentations or instructional videos do not teach why it is important.

Innovative training solution

The focus of the Egress Training System is to drive home how proper egress technique will reduce the potential for injury. The system measures the ground impact force during vehicle egress with, and without, the individual holding onto the safety handle. The difference in this force is shown to them in meaningful ways, to drive home the message that proper egress technique will reduce the wear and tear on their body.

How it works

Perform Vehicle Egress

The student conducts improper 2 points of contact egress, and also proper 3 points of contact egress, while the instructor guides them through training. The Egress Training System records the ground impact forces.

Impact Forces Displayed

The difference in body impact forces between both egress techniques is displayed, showing how much more impact force is placed on the body when using improper egress technique.

Making it Matter

To provide a memorable training moment, a physical item representing the extra weight that their body would experience, per day, from improper egress technique is shown to the student. This emphasizes that improper egress adds enormous extra impact force on the body, leading to eventual injury.

Watch the training in action

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