Mobile Slip Simulator™ Training

Relevant - Engaging - Fun

A Rolling Example of your Safety Culture

Mobile Slip Simulators™ are often the best choice when training a large number of employees at multiple facility locations. The entire Slip Simulator™ classroom is housed inside the trailer, complete with options for a fold down classroom stage, seating, automatic awnings and viewing windows. The mobile classroom design can be set up in a matter of minutes, so you can spend less time on logistics and more time training. We offer continued support and maintenance for your investment to ensure that your training program is successful for years to come.

Mobile Slip Simulators™ feature company branding to provide proof of your organization’s dedication to safety. Additionally, beyond training for their employees, many companies use the Mobile Slip SImulator™ to offer family days to staff and also safety days for local fire and rescue personnel to give back to the community.

Is the Mobile Slip Simulator™ the Best Choice for my Organization?

The Mobile Slip Simulator™ is often the best choice for organizations with employees spread across multiple locations. We offer 3 different configurations to meet a wide range of training and transport needs. Contact us for more information and to see if a Mobile Slip Simulator™ is what works best for your organization.

Mobile Slip Simulator™ FAQ

How quickly could I receive a Mobile Slip Simulator™ after order?

Typical delivery time is 14-17 weeks after initial down-payment of your Mobile Slip Simulator™.

What are the three common types of Mobile Slip Simulators™ that you sell?

We typically sell a 38ft Gooseneck equipped trailer with concession doors, a 30ft enhanced Tag-trailer with a fold-down training platform stage, and a 38ft hybrid of the two. Please reach out to us to discuss what Mobile Slip Simulator™ configuration will best meet your training needs.

What vehicle is needed to tow a Mobile Slip Simulator™?

We highly recommend using at least a 1-Ton Dually truck to tow your Mobile Slip Simulator™. Custom hitch options are available to meet your transport needs.

Does the Mobile Slip Simulator™ come with a custom wrap image?

Yes, the full trailer wrap is included in the Mobile Slip Simulator™ purchase. We highly recommend branding your Mobile Slip Simulator™ to reflect the values of your organization. After all, your Mobile Slip Simulator™ will be a rolling advertisement for your safety culture. We will work with you on optimizing and visualizing what your wrap will look like on your Mobile Slip Simulator™.

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