Meet Jim Kleinsteuber

Meet Jim Kleinsteuber

December 18, 2023

Many of you may know Jim through your on-site training events or from the certification of your Slip Simulator™ trainers. We thought that we would give you a look into what makes Jim the face of training and why he is the Master Trainer at INBIODYN.


What is Jim’s background in safety training specifically?

Jim was an Environmental Safety and Health Specialist and managed the Behavior Based Safety Process at Los Alamos National Laboratories. He started work there as a sheet metal worker and eventually moved to safety. Initially Jim was only supposed to be at Los Alamos National Laboratories for a 2-month call, but instead was there 21 years.


How did Jim become associated with INBIODYN and the Slip Simulator™?

Through his work at Los Alamos National Laboratories and knowing Dr. Thurmon Lockhart (inventor of the Slip Simulator™ and INBIODYN founder), he connected with Christian James, one of the founders of INBIODYN. He was then asked to join the team when the Slip Simulator™ became a commercial product.


What current training activities does Jim perform for INBIODYN?

Jim leads our on-site training events, where he travels across the country to set up the Slip Simulator™ Mobile Units and trains employees. Additionally, when a Slip Simulator™ is purchased from us, he travels to your location to certify your team to train on the Slip Simulator™. He has personally trained more than 10,000 people with INBIODYN. Jim will also do on-site Egress Training; this training helps to reduce injuries from improper vehicle exits.  


How does Jim approach each training session?

Jim is excited about all his training sessions and exposing new people to the benefits of Slip Simulator™ training. Jim is open to listening to the trainees. He gets that people can be skeptical of the training at first and is great at helping them feel comfortable and understand the dangers of slips, trips, and falls. As with any training, the Slip Simulator™ is most impactful when you have the full trust and engagement of the trainees. Jim’s personality makes it easy for trainees to connect with him as he quickly builds that trust.


What does Jim like best about training with the Slip Simulator™?

Jim loves to travel and meet new people, but seeing the change in the people being trained once they are on the Slip Simulator™ is what he enjoys most. When you can see on their face that the concepts just clicks for them, that is what it is all about. He has traveled to 48 of the U.S. States, but some of the most memorable travels were to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Canada.


Fun Facts about Jim

·        He is a proud Dad of 2 (one of which has gotten on the simulator).

·        Jim loves working to make training relevant and entertaining.  It’s fun training, but serious work.

·        New Orleans Saints is his favorite sports team. It holds a special place in his heart after being in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  He also loves baseball.

·        Nebraska and Maine are the two states left on his bucket list to visit.  (Who in Nebraska or Maine needs training?  Give us a call!)

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