Thinking Outside the Box with SABIC

Thinking Outside the Box with SABIC

December 18, 2023

At INBIODYN, we thrive on meeting unique training challenges, and the SABIC INBIODYN Hybrid Training Program is a prime example of our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

Every year, INBIODYN receives a multitude of training requests, some of which involve large-scale training programs spanning numerous sites and locations. These ambitious projects often require months to complete, necessitating creative solutions to ensure our clients' needs are met effectively.

SABIC presented us with an intriguing challenge—a demand for 51 days of Slip Simulator™ training across 8 different states. To make this project feasible, we devised a "hybrid" training program, a strategy that leveraged collaboration between INBIODYN and SABIC to achieve success.

In the "Train the Trainer Program," INBIODYN certified eight SABIC employees as trainers for the Slip Simulator™. We then provided SABIC with one of our Slip Simulator™ Mobile Units and coordinated its transport to each location, where SABIC's certified trainers conducted the Slip Simulator™ training.

Concurrently, INBIODYN deployed another Slip Simulator™ Mobile Unit along with our expert staff to train at the remaining SABIC locations.

This ambitious program kicked off in late July and is scheduled to conclude in mid-October, with the potential to train over 2,000 SABIC employees. This project marks INBIODYN's second collaboration with SABIC, and we are excited to continue building upon the strong training relationship we have established with them.

We love unique collaborations! If you or your organization are interested in a custom training solution, don’t hesitate to reach out today to get started.

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